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Adventure Ceremonies

What are they?

Adventure ceremonies are for couples who are looking to elope or renew their vows in a location that goes against the norm of tradition.  From the side of a mountain in Wyoming to the countryside of Ireland, adventure ceremonies are truly limitless.  The best part?  We plan the entire experience for you!  All you have to do is give us a budget + we take care of the rest.  Every couple is unique + their adventure ceremony experience should be no different!

Adventure ceremonies are perfect for...

  • Couples who just want their wedding day to be about them + their relationship.  No bells, no whistles.  Just the beginning of their life together!

  •  Married couples who would like to celebrate a vow renewal in a new or meaningful place.

  • Anyone who loves to travel to new places!


The Process:

1. Set your budget

Your adventure ceremony can be as simple or extravagant as you'd like.  Your budget should include our base price, as well as the price of your flights, lodging, + rental car (if necessary).  

2. Select your location(s)

Decide where you would like your adventure ceremony to take place!  While some of our couples have chosen locations that are meaningful to them, others have chosen a new place entirely (think bucket list location!)!  

3. Submit your adventure ceremony inquiry

Once you've got your budget + location ideas ready, you will submit your adventure ceremony inquiry!  Please be sure to spend some time to fill out this form with intentional details so we can learn as much as possible about you, your partner, + your dream ceremony!

The base investment:

  • Adventure ceremony planning:  We take care of researching + booking your travel + lodging.  All you have to do is show up!

  • A customized itinerary:  Once we book your travel + lodging, we create a custom trip itinerary, complete with ceremony details, dining recommendations, + specific photo locations

  • Customized officiant services:  Caitlin (aka Reverend Thorson) will ensure that you are given a personalized ceremony!  

  • 3-12 hours of photography (prices vary): Whether we are adventuring to 1 location or 4, you will receive full coverage of your adventure ceremony events.  This might include getting ready at your Airbnb, first look at a scenic overlook, ceremony on the side of a mountain, + golden hour on an island after a dinner cruise!

  • Photographer travel costs: We include flights, lodging, + rental car in our pricing so that you don't need to worry about inflation, airfare increases, or gas prices!

 Please note, our base investment varies by region.  Click below to see details for each investment package!

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